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My debate takeaways from each candidate:

Hoffman - A driven hard worker much better suited to cabinet than leadership. Unwavering ideals have her determined to finish second place forever.

Ganley - Smart, capable, quick thinking, but not particularly warm or engaging. Talks a lot about policy without a lot of actual detail.

Nenshi - Wicked smart, but odd.... Clearly the most capable in navigating the economic handicap that all other candidates would face. The only one to talk about actual infrastructure to mitigate effects of climate change versus simply lowering emissions. Which is the right thing to do, but of little actual impact unless the rest of the globe does the same thing.

McGowan - More thoughtful than I thought he’d be. Claimed to “have a plan” on every issue. But a single issue pro-worker candidate would get destroyed in a general election.

Calahoo Stonehouse - We all need water. Okay. Extremely likable, but not a serious candidate.

Pancholi - Should have been there as she has more to offer than several who were actually on the stage. Dropped out way too early.

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